No matter how advanced robots have become, and how unhappy you may be with high advisor fees, you wouldn’t hand over your retirement income planning to a machine. I’ve been working on retirement innovations for 40 years, and while I may be able to program all my formulas into online tools, retirement income plans need a human touch in order to find the unique combination of plan elements that match each retiree’s objectives.

I will say, however, that compared with 40 years ago, artificial intelligence plays a much bigger role in planning. If you know how to use AI, or robo-income analytics as we call it, you can get the retirement income plan that fits you best.

That is why announced the first robo-income tool that enables retirees and near-retirees to design their own Plan for Retirement Income. With our robo-income program, simply labelled a “Guide to Retirement Income” (Guide), you can identify the planning objectives that will best match your financial goals of lifetime income, liquidity and legacy. And you can figure out how that income should be allocated among dividends, interest, IRA withdrawals and annuity payments.


Define Your Goals and Objectives

Go2Income’s Guide allows you to define your retirement income goals. Do you want:

  • more immediate income to meet your current budget
  • more income and liquidity later in retirement for unreimbursed medical or caregiver expenses, or
  • above-market income while leaving a strong financial legacy.

The Guide then applies an algorithm that will set your Plan parameters by weighing the trade-offs among your objectives.

Once you see the Plan results the algorithm works out, you will start to make a path through the financial thicket of possibilities. And there are a lot of possibilities for every retirement – 12 different parameters that could result in more than a million different Plans.

The robo-income tools crunch the big numbers. To soften the edges – and ensure that the Plan meets the specific goals you and your family wish to achieve – a Go2Income Advisor-Counselor (AC) will meet with you, answer your questions and fine-tune your plan.

You may not like the tradeoffs among income, liquidity and legacy you see in your Plan, for example. Consult with your AC to decide what to adjust and where to produce a result that better suits your needs. The AC has advanced planning tools that can find more income by trading liquidity or legacy.

There are no wrong answers

During the process, Go2Income will explain how the parameters were derived and the illustrations show what they will produce in the near- and long-term. It will be your plan; you will create it to meet your objectives. However, you don’t have to be an economist to achieve this and you won’t have to decide, for example. whether you need to allocate a high or low amount to annuity payments vs. dividends. The robo-income tools and the AC provide that guidance.

Based on a study we prepared, the average income boost over traditional planning is more than $400,000, from retirement to age 95, for people with $1 million in rollover IRA savings, Contributing to this boost are the lower fees that are enabled by the robo-income analytics and the work done by you.

When the world surprises you

Every once in a while, your personal circumstances may change, or unexpected events like a pandemic occurs, and so things don’t work out the way everyone planned. We help you make adjustments, get your plan back on track, and continue to produce the retirement income that suits your needs. It’s a lifetime of plan management.

Creating a Plan doesn’t have to be a complicated kind of “rocket science” that only the experts understand. I believe that by providing investors with the right set of planning questions, along with robo-income analytics that deliver a Plan to meet the investor’s objectives, and an Advisor-Counselor to refine that plan, we can create the retirement income plan that best fits every investor.

As a bonus, offers you reduced plan management fees when you design and order a personalized plan. Design your plan now, get your results, and take advantage of two free hours with an Advisor-Counselor. Find out more here.