Pardon my brief hiatus from delivering observations from the world of retirement, but along with the rest of my team, over the past few months I have been working on a project we believe is of immense value to investors like yourself.

That is why I am proud to announce Go2Income.

Go2Income is a new service that Golden Retirement, LLC developed to help individual investors (1) decide whether a Retirement Income Annuity makes sense for them; (2) select the type of annuity options that fits their personal circumstances; and (3) choose the insurance company with the best rates and rating.

Briefly stated Go2Income’s mission is the following:

  1. Maximize the investor’s after-tax retirement income
  2. Create guaranteed income streams in retirement that the investor won’t outlive
  3. Give the investor some peace of mind that savings will last as long as they do
  4. Simplify the management of retirement finances for the investor and their family
  5. Leave a larger legacy for heirs and beneficiaries

Go2Income is the next piece in a series of packaged retirement solutions, which will deliver results more efficiently with superior analysis and most importantly with best in class results.

Emails promoting Go2Income will be sent to a half million investors over the next 60 days. If you’re interested in Go2Income for yourself, please access or speak to a Go2Income specialist at 1-855- 801-5897.

With so much of Go2Income’s focus geared towards educating investors, I found this to be an appropriate time to return to my blog. Over the coming weeks, I plan to get back to writing articles about my observations on the retirement industry as well as advice on how to best prepare for retirement.

Be sure to check back with me as I plan to discuss topics such as annuity customization, what makes for a secure retirement, longevity insurance, laddering and timing of annuity purchases, and many more.