I don’t want to depress people this early in the year, but as this NASDAQ article called “12 Jaw-Dropping Stats about Retirement” so clearly points out, there’s cause for concern!

Basically, people aren’t saving nearly as much as they should. Not only that, they’re relying too heavily on Social Security for income in retirement, meaning that Social Security is absolutely critical to their retirements when it is only intended to provide 40% of their retirement income–not all of it.

What this all means is that the reforms that I outlined in my recent article on The Hill should be considered as soon as possible.

It may be like preaching to the choir, but I agree with a number of the moves cited in this article on Fox Business, “6 Smart Annuity Moves You Can Make Right Now.”

Income annuities have to become just like any other investment choice, like CDs or index funds, which is important for you to note. When you talk with your financial advisor next, make sure they are licensed to offer annuities, as many are not–which means you may miss out on a significant investment choice within your retirement portfolio.