When picking up the Wall Street Journal Report on Wealth Management, I realized that despite the title most of the articles were about “retirement issues.”

That’s because wealth and smart retirement planning are inextricably linked. What you don’t spend during your lifetime becomes your legacy.

There was a story about making smart decisions about setting up your Roth IRA if you want to pass to heirs. Good advice here.

Another article talked about how to decide whether you have enough to retire early. Stay tuned for a post I have coming up in November on knowing your “Income Power.” In it, I’ll be sharing my own thoughts on how to feel confident that you’re ready to retire.

Still another story about the mistakes people make – decade-by-decade. They grouped “60s and beyond” as a single decade (must have been written by a 30-something), while I think of that age bracket as 3 or 4 decades. The point made that was important, however, was the need to delegate, although I would refer to is as the need to “simplify and secure.”

Finally, there was one about longevity insurance and whether it was too risky. I’d flip it around and ask instead: Is going without insurance, whether it be life, auto, home or longevity, too risky?