Generates Dependable, Spendable Retirement Income for Life

Millions of Baby Boomers are on the verge of retirement and many don’t know how to ensure that their savings will last a lifetime. Now there’s an innovative solution: Savings2Income.

Savings2Income (“S2I”) is a new planning method that builds a reliable income stream for current and future retirees. S2I uses proprietary software to calculate how best to accumulate guaranteed retirement income over time. The goal is to create enough dependable, spendable income to meet or exceed an investor’s essential expenses without incurring additional risk.

The website retirement income explains the S2I planning method, and includes Case Studies which provide examples of how the S2I planning method would work for an investor’s full retirement savings and income situation. The website also offers a 3 minute retirement calculator that illustrates the advantages of the S2I planning method when applied to non-qualified savings, or what S2I refers to as Personal Retirement Savings. The results show an average improvement in after-tax retirement income of 42%.

This program will appeal to Baby Boomer investors, ages 50 to 70, who are saving for or just entering retirement. S2I focuses on the underserved middle market and mass affluent, whose retirement savings have been hit hardest in the current economy.

The S2I plan offers a comprehensive five-step approach that:

  1. Lowers fees on all retirement savings
  2. Defers taxes on retirement savings for as long as possible
  3. Maximizes Social Security benefits
  4. Builds up guaranteed income over time
  5. Converts savings to a steady stream of lifetime income

The combination of stock market volatility and record-low interest rates creates a challenging environment for retirees searching for secure income. S2I is an appropriate solution to meet their needs. The 5 Steps Video explains this process in a consumer friendly step-by-step way.

During the accumulation phase of an S2I plan, retirement savings grow tax-deferred and benefit from low fees. As the retiree transitions from the saving-to-spending phase of life, the S2I planning method seamlessly converts savings into dependable, spendable after-tax income.

The initial amount of retirement income is set and then adjusted periodically, typically every five years, to meet any expected expenses. Budgets may have to be adjusted to reflect changing situations, and the S2I planning method is flexible enough to do that.

Best of all, using the S2I planning method means retirement income is not dependent on market returns or interest rates during each payout period. Income is taxed when received and the balance of retirement savings continues to grow tax-deferred. Retirement income is deposited directly into the individual’s checking account each month.

After a “no worry age” (typically life expectancy) is reached, active investment management is no longer required and guaranteed income is paid to the investor for the rest of his or her life.

The S2I planning method is now available through Golden Retirement Advisors and will be available through independent advisors starting in the fall.

Golden Retirement LLC was founded by me to create innovative financial products and services focused on the wealth accumulation and retirement income needs of broad segments of the U.S. population. The company has sponsored the Savings2Income website and is launching its own registered investment advisor, Golden Retirement Advisors.