‘Longevity insurance’ ensures you don’t run out of money in retirement. How to figure out how much you need, the types of annuities to use and when the income should kick in are tricky questions, though.

Our calculations are based on the Go2Income planning method to develop plans, estimate annuity rates and prepare comparisons.

As the saying goes, the best insurance is the kind you don’t use. That is certainly the case with auto and home insurance. When you insure your income for a long, healthy life, however, it is possible to acquire the peace of mind of protection and create a major source of your retirement income as well.

In my last article, Are You Worried About Running Out of Money in Retirement?, I showed how adding income annuities could prevent you from running out of money in your plan for retirement income even in a scenario where there was no increase in the share price of stocks over your entire retirement. In contrast, the plan without annuities in this scenario ran out of money at age 91. That meant no income from savings and no portfolio of stocks and bonds to fund unplanned expenses.