If you have gaps in your plan for retirement income, you might consider adding the value of your home to your planning.

Most retirement planning methods have ignored what for some retirees is their largest single asset — their home. That means the plan may fail to deliver on one or more of the five things retirees want:

  • Don’t run out of money
  • Grow income each year
  • Leave a meaningful legacy for kids and grandkids
  • Increase spendable income by reducing taxes
  • Build up a source of liquidity for unplanned or unfunded expenses

With the addition of the new HomeEquity2Income (H2I) program described in this article, Go2Income now covers over 90% of all retiree asset classes. H2I uses the equity in your primary residence to fill in the gaps in your plan that otherwise might require insurance that you don’t qualify for, higher-risk investments, or more aggressive assumptions as to yields and returns in your plan.Starting with this article and continuing over the next month or so, we’ll cover the why, what, and how of the HomeEquity2Income program.

First, the “why” of H2I.

Fill gaps in retirement