A reader makes a request that at first appears not achievable, but with some maneuvering of the retirement income plan building blocks, we find it can work.

A one-size-fits-all approach will never be a perfect solution when it comes to designing a plan for your retirement income. As it turns out, there are billions of potential combinations available to do what you want, whether that is creating as much income as possible, leaving a financial legacy, cutting the tax bite or covering inflation.

The best planning system does the best, if not perfect, job in meeting your objectives. Go2Income does that by examining the building blocks of a retirement plan and fitting them together in a way that meets as many of your objectives as possible.

However, when I got the following unique query from one of our article readers, I wasn’t sure that the Go2Income approach I’ve based on my years of experience, with some help from artificial intelligence, could address it.

A challenging reitirement plan