This week has seen plenty of new articles all having to do with the best ways to generate the income you need in retirement. Here are just a few that caught my eye.

Blog Fight! War Of Words Breaks Out In A Multitrillion Dollar Industry

While having a war of words about asset classes and fees, both participants in this debate are missing the fundamental objective of retirement savings – generating retirement income. There’s an entire world of income solutions they’re not debating. Where is the real innovation coming from?

Tontine: Retirement plan of the future?

While I respect Moshe’s views and have hired him as a consultant in the past, I don’t believe we need a regulatory change to deliver better retirement income solutions.

What we need to do is educate both investors and advisors on the benefits of guaranteeing retirement income through Income Annuities and, in so doing, make them a part of the conversation so they are simply an “asset class” incorporated into retirement portfolios.

Inflation Creates A Retirement Puzzle, Says Researcher

While I helped develop one of the few true inflation-protected (with caps) income annuities about 10 years ago, I agree with the author that they should be used in moderation.

In terms of planning, I feel that adjustments for a combination of both lifestyle and inflation changes should be made less frequently, say every five years. These planning changes could be coordinated with an increased funding of guaranteed retirement income.

Substituting Income Annuities For Bond Funds in Retirement

I agree that income annuities (both immediate and deferred) can and should be considered as part of the retirement portfolio. In fact, I would turn it around and suggest that a sub-portfolio of stocks and bonds can be a substitute for a consistent source of Guaranteed Retirement Income.