My colleagues at Golden Retirement have urged me to write this blog, since I’m forever sending them articles on our industry, with comments like “Duh,” “Are they kidding?” or “It’s about time!” I guess they want me to expand upon my one- or three- word comments, and share some of the insights from my 40+ year career in the insurance and retirement businesses.

Also, so much of our domestic political debate has to do with health insurance, unfunded pension plans, social security and other financial matters relating to an aging population. And, since these often heated discussions are at least in part actuarial in nature, I felt I might have something to contribute. It was nearly 50 years ago at the University of Michigan, when discussing our summer job plans, a friend (knowing my aptitude for math) suggested that I describe myself as interested in actuarial work to get a high-paying summer internship.

That first internship started a career path through the actuarial exams and disciplines into one focused more on invention and opening new markets. Also, my experiences as both an intrapeneneur working inside a large corporate setting, and as an entrepreneur starting with an idea, three friends, and a lease on a month to month basis, gives me some insights on how and how not to get things done.

Although out of habit my tax return still says “insurance executive”, this blog will touch more on retirement and what’s reported in the trade, personal finance and popular press and other media about retirement, particularly the financial issues surrounding the subject. I may out of habit refer to insurance and annuity solutions, simply because the risks of retirees – living too long, requiring medical and caregiver help, and providing for survivors – are actuarial in nature.

So I hope to share my experience with you to bring a new perspective on this challenging issue facing all of us.

Jerry Golden
Golden Retirement, LLC