Income Power is a simple concept. It allows you to calculate exactly how much income you can produce from the retirement savings you have.

To answer your questions, I created a video that tells the true story of Tom and Janet. They built a nice nest-egg but, until they learned of Income Power, they couldn’t determine how much money they would be able to spend as they moved into retirement.

Tom and Janet are real people. As they neared retirement, they realized they had many questions – and they couldn’t find good answers.

“Like many, I had a 401(k) — two in fact — that I looked at quarterly when I received my statements,” said Tom, who was the head of human resources for a division of a large financial services company. “My main concern was whether the portfolio made money or lost money. The balances looked good with a good blend of equity to fixed-income holdings and I was satisfied.”

When Tom asked more questions — the tax impact of withdrawing their 401(k) money; how much they should take out each year; and figuring out how long their nest egg would last – no one could give him definitive answers.

When Tom learned of my new Income Power calculator, he entered his numbers. Soon he was feeling better, because Income Power told Tom and Janet how much money their savings could provide, guaranteed, for the rest of their lives.

“I felt a game plan was developing that I could follow to help me attain the next level of financial stability for the type of retirement that my wife and I desired,” Tom said. “In my situation, the comfort of guaranteed income that income annuities provided, as well as Social Security, was a big part of the solution — but not the last piece. Discussing my goals with a qualified and experienced investment advisor Jerry referred me to who listened to my needs and my tolerance for risk in the markets provided the ideal integration and balance we were hoping to find and helped complete our portfolio.”

Tom had the exact outcome I envisioned for users of Income Power: More precise information that allowed him to take control of his finances, resulting in greater peace of mind.

You can use Income Power free of charge and with no obligation. If you wish, you may even discuss your situation with a Go2specialist who will explain all the options you have for retirement. To get started, enter your information below or visit

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