In retirement planning, it’s always good to take a look at the past year’s performance to decide whether adjustments are needed in your long-range strategy and short-term tactics.

I have found that the same holds true for blogging.

In the interest of understanding what content you enjoyed the most, I took a look at the 5 most visited blog posts on my site for 2016.

These included:

With a tie for the 5th most-read post:

It’s encouraging to see that some of the posts I was most eager to write about were ones that you enjoyed as well.

I think that the Two-Stage Retirement piece introduces a whole new way of thinking about retirement planning. At least, I had never heard anyone else present it in that way before until I started talking about it. Then, in dribs and drabs, I started to see others beginning to share the same idea.

And with changes coming in the White House and Congress, it’s always interesting to note how those changes might impact Social Security.

I’m looking forward to sharing more ideas with you in 2017 about how to think “outside the box” about retirement income planning. My aim, as always, is to help you put as much dependable, spendable retirement income in your pocket as possible.

Thank you for finding my content useful, and I look forward to hearing more about what your needs are in 2017.