You know how much income you need and what kind of legacy you want to leave, but what you don’t know is if you might be able to hit those targets. Here’s one way to find out.

Everyone has retirement goals, but the big question is, are they attainable?

Take the 70-year-old woman I wrote about recently. She has $2 million in retirement savings, and she’d like to use those savings to generate $70,000 in annual income increasing by 2% a year early in retirement, but still be able to leave her heirs a $2 million legacy at age 90. Can she do it?

That’s a question many financial advisers might have trouble answering, but after seeing the results of many, many plans over the years, I believe I’ve created a method that can answer her question using Income Allocation planning. While her legacy results will depend on market returns, this planning method incorporates annuity payments into the mix and lowers costs and taxes to deliver reliable income.