How the right plan now can get you back on track and reduce the risk going forward

You know what they say about the best laid plans going awry. Well, with what has been going on in the financial world this year, that’s what has happened to countless retirement plans.

For instance, let’s look at one hypothetical retiree who, until recently, thought she was all set. Our sample investor put off formalizing her plan for retirement income until she began taking Social Security at age 70 and making withdrawals from her rollover IRA. It was December of 2021. Inflation seemed to be reasonably under control; the markets were performing well; and with 50% of her $2 million portfolio invested in bonds it was pretty conservative.

Social Security and a pension totaling $60,000 per year helped her meet her starting income goal of $150,000. The balance of $90,000 was coming from her $2 million in retirement savings.